Can a Book Really Show You How to Win the Lottery?

In this post it is my aim to answer several important questions. Firstly, is it really possible that a simple lottery book can teach you the complicated mathematical formulas needed to win the lotto? Can using such a formula really guarantee a lottery win?

Lottery_ticketDo such formulas even exist?

If we assume that they do indeed exist and that such mathematics is within the capabilities of us mere mortals and non-genius types can you use it to win the lotto?

Let’s find out!

How to Win the Lottery

Ever since the game was invented there have been maverick “entrepreneurs” and mathematical whiz-kids battling to beat the immense negative odds offered in the lotto.

Although almost all of these aspiring lottery masters ended up as “losers”, in every sense of the word, it seems that a small percentage of them did indeed succeed in winning huge fortunes. With the likelihood of dying, before the draw even takes place, being greater than landing a jackpot prize almost everyone believed that these cases were just anomalies or mere coincidence.

7 time lottery winner reveals secret
7 time lottery winner reveals secret
However, when a math professor won five times and a Stanford Statistics professor won four times some people began to wonder.

I mean, could it really just be mere coincidence that a guy with a PhD in Mathematics won the top prize 5 times and a gal with a PhD in Statistics beat out the lottery 4 times?

It is no wonder the lottery companies began to take notice.

Then, when an ordinary guy with no mathematical background at all, and who wouldn’t know a pie chart from an apple pie, beat out odds of 175 million to 1 – a whopping seven times to win 7 top lottery prizes lots more people started to take notice.

Winning the Lotto
It seems that these past winners and many more who wish to stay anonymous have developed, or in some cases been given, lottery systems that work to lower the massive odds stacked against them.

In a standard 6 from 49 lotto draw the odds against you are approximately 14 million to 1.

But by working with mathematics, and through the manipulation of the law of probability, these master players were able to reduce those odds to a much more favorable number. In fact they were able to reduce the odds by many millions.

According to just 1 lottery book author there are 131 past winners who used his system.

When you consider that that there are many different systems available and lots of past winners you remain anonymous or don’t talk about their winning strategies how many more winners might there be who have used such systems?

Think about it: is it possible that a huge percentage of lottery winners are actually using mathematical or statistical formulas to help them win? If that is the case then anyone who is not using a system is merely feeding the prize fund and has an almost zero chance of winning.

Unfortunately, if you are not doing something to increase your odds then you most definitely are just feeding the prize fund for people who are increasing their odds.

So, How Do You Win the Lottery?
Mega_Millions_WinnerOkay, so the stories of past winners using lottery systems to win are inspirational. While at the same time playing the lottery in the normal way now looks like a depressing waste of time.

And it all sounds interesting but how can this information help you in your quest for lottery mastery?

How can you avoid being a “prize fund feeder” and actually start winning some money instead of helping to pay for someone else’s dreams?

How to Win the Lottery Guaranteed
Do you want a sure-fired 100% guaranteed way to beat any lotto draw whenever you want (every week if you want to)?

Don’t think it’s possible to guarantee a jackpot win?

Think again!

It is absolutely possible to guarantee a jackpot win on any lottery.

In fact, you could win this week’s 6 from 49 draw easily and have zero chance of losing.

All you need is $14,000,000!

It may be true that if you had $14 million to spend on lottery tickets you wouldn’t need to win any money anyway. However, syndicates in the past, made up of millionaire business men, have done just that investing huge sums of money on tickets in order to secure lottery jackpots.

Obviously they didn’t rely on sheer luck.

By using a technique called number wheeling, and by waiting for a large rollover, these syndicates guaranteed a jackpot win (along with multiple medium & small prizes) to ensure they got a profit on their investment.

The reason for the $14,000,000 ticket price was that they had to buy all possible permutations in order to cover every possible outcome thus guaranteeing a jackpot win.

Although it is interesting, and dare I say inspiring, to learn that you can actually guarantee a lottery jackpot win it is of little to no use to us mere mortals who do not have $14 million to invest and who don’t have mega rich friends willing to lend us the money.

So how do you win the lottery without having to break the bank?

Is it possible to win using a system that does not require a huge financial investment?

Many past lottery winners say that it is!

How to Win the Lottery Book

Lottery book with wheeling formulas
Lottery book with wheeling formulas
There are software applications, phone apps and even lottery books that teach the foundational mathematics needed to wheel numbers and thus reduce the fantastical odds against you.

Such aids can teach you how to wheel enough numbers (to cover more possible outcomes in a draw) to reduce your odds of winning from approximately 14 million to 1 against you down to half a million to 1 against you for as little as $28 in lottery tickets.

Still not great odds but a huge advantage over other players all the same. However, you will dramatically increase your chances of winning multiple medium and small prizes to ensure you make a profit from your plays.

When you wheel even more numbers the money required to play (your stake or ticket costs) will increase but you will increase your chances of winning big prizes also.

And the great thing about wheeling numbers is that you do not just increase your chances of winning the jackpot you also explode your odds of winning small and medium size prizes also.

Joining a Syndicate
Because wheeling requires you to spend more money on tickets it can be costly to the individual player.

For this reason we always advise aspiring lottery winners to either join a syndicate or create a new one.

Obviously if you create you own syndicate then you can start wheeling numbers from the outset.

However, if you join an existing syndicate the members may take some convincing to change from their current strategy, which most likely is not working, to your winning wheeling strategy.

It is vital that you succeed in this endeavor if you want to win money.

If you join a syndicate that refuses to wheel their numbers leave it and, if you cannot find enough people to create your own syndicate then, find another one that is willing to follow your advice.

How to Win Scratch Offs. Tactics that Work

Although it is the main lotto draw game that attracts the most sales this is not actually where the most money is won on the lottery.

how to win on scratch offsScratch offs, also known as scratchers, pay out more in daily prizes than some lottos pay out in the main weekly draw and are thus becoming ever more popular amongst professional lottery players.

Over the decades some very sophisticated and highly effective methods have been developed by mathematicians and professional gamblers that increase a player’s chances of winning prizes in the main lottery draws.


Likewise, these same professional lottery players have developed and tested strategies for winning on the scratch offs as well.

Learning How to Win Scratch Offs vs Learning How to Win The Lottery

Not a lot of people realise that by following some very practical steps, and using mathematical formulas designed to lessen your risk and increase your odds, many people have won huge prizes on the main lotto draws.

What’s more many of those who used such an approach have done it more than once winning multiple times. Some of them even teach others how to replicate their success.

how to play scratch offsTherefore it should not be surprising to you that there are also people who have won multiple big prizes on scratchers and that there are those among them who can show you how to win too.

By following the specific steps outlined below a player can dramatically increase their odds of winning on scratch offs.

The reason why many professional players tend to target scratch offs over the main draw is simple: scratchers are much easier to win.

The chances of winning even a small prize in the main lottery are extremely low compared to your chances of winning a scratch prize.

Some lotto draws offer terrible odds, such as the powerball which gives you odds of 1 in 175 million.

Even in a normal 6/49 game you will only have a 1 in 14 million chance of winning.

Compare these statistics to those of most scratch games which typically give you odds of 1 in 4 of winning a prize.

Even before you use mathematical based techniques to manipulate these odds to be more in your favour it is obvious that you have a better chance of winning a prize on a scratch off.

When you use proven scratcher techniques to improve these odds even further you can be assured of winning prizes and almost guarantee yourself a healthy profit for your effort.

how the multiple winners do it

One of the best ways to increase your odds in a normal lotto draw is to use number wheeling as it is a proven technique that has is responsible for creating hundreds of millionaires.

However, when it comes to playing scratch offs different tactics are needed.

How to Play Scratch Offs & Win

Obviously due to the better odds scratch offs are by far the easiest lottery to win, although it is disputable whether this is the best way to win the lottery in general (because there are techniques that can be used to beat the main lotto draws).

It is, however, most definitely the fastest and easiest way to win prizes over any other type of lottery game.

How to Win the Lottery Scratch Off Game Using Mathematics

The best way to win the lottery is with math
The best way to win the lottery is with math

Below is a detailed guide demonstrating how to play scratch offs in ways that are proven to increase your odds of winning.

As you read each step it will become evident how it works and why it works.

Be sure to follow all the steps as closely as possible.

Step 4 and 5 are the only steps you can interchange. All other steps must be followed completely.

Step 1: Start to Think Like a Winner

think like a winnerIt is vital that you start to think like a winner.

Set a budget and stick to it!

That’s what winners do.

Only losers spend rent money gambling.

Only losers spend grocery money on tickets or neglect their children and responsibilities in the hope that they can double their money.

Winners do take risks but they take calculated risks.

When you follow the steps in this system you will start to win money but at the outset you should only use money that you can afford to lose.

Starting small does not mean you will continue having small wins.

In step 6 you will learn how to leverage your winnings to grow your pot and get richer. You can do this with a small initial stake by simply reinvesting your winnings instead of spending them.

Step 2. Choose Your Game

What are the Best Scratch Offs to Play?

The first step in knowing how to win a scratch off game is to know which scratch off game to play.

$1_scratch-offsNot all scratch offs are created equal.

Usually the scratch games with the biggest pay-outs have the worst odds. You should avoid playing these unless you can buy them in bulk following step 3 through 5.

Chose a scratch game that has odds of winning that are at least 1 in 4.

You can identify a game’s odds simply by looking at the back of the card.

Try to buy lower costing cards so you can get more for your money but only if the odds are at least 1 in 4 and there are fairly good prizes on offer.

Improve your chances

Step 3. Buy Only One Type of Scratch Game at a Time

Once you have chosen the game you will play it is vital you buy only scratch tickets that play that game.

Many players make the mistake of mixing there scratch cards by buying a few different types in the belief they are diversifying their holdings. But, this is the wrong approach.

If a scratch off has a 1 in 4 chance of winning then on average every fourth scratch card will be a winner. That means if you buy 8 of the same scratch games from the same batch at least 2 of them should be winners.

So when you purchase your tickets make sure you get them all from the same batch and the same store and at the same time.

You won’t believe how following this simple step will dramatically increase your winnings.

Step 4. Play Only Once Per Week

In the last step you learned how buying your tickets all at once from the same batch can dramatically increase your odds of having a few winning tickets.

play once per monthWell you can increase your chances even more and also increase the chances of having bigger amounts on your tickets by simply pooling your stake money.

Instead of buying a few tickets every day or every other day keep that money until the end of the week and then buy all your tickets at the same time.

Step 5. Try to Play Only Once Per Month

Just as playing only once per week will give you an advantage, playing only once per month will give you an even bigger one.

You will increase your chance of landing some tickets with bigger amounts on them if you play only once per month and also greatly increase your chances of having more winning tickets because you will have greater purchasing power.

By using your monthly stake money to purchase your tickets all at the same time you will greatly increase the likelihood of landing some nice wins.

WarningA Word of Warning
Before you jump into this step refer back to step 1 !!!

Make sure you save your monthly stake. Do not jump the gun and buy your monthly tickets in week 1…wait until week 4 when you have saved the cash!

Remember you are forming the habits of a winner.

Winners set rules and follow them. It is vital you stick to this advice as it will ensure you do not end up spending money you need for essentials and it will also guard against possible future squandering of your winnings.

As you start to win money and are tempted to spend it randomly on more tickets you will see just how important setting a budget is.

Step 6. Leverage Your Wins

How to Win Scratch OffsIf you start off with a very small amount of money as your stake you should reinvest all your winnings back into your pot.

With each passing week/month your stake money will grow as you win more and as you add that new month’s budgeted money to your stake.

When you reach a sizable stake amount you can start to reinvest half your winnings back into your stake while you spend the other half. This way you will still be growing your stake money while starting to enjoy the benefits of your wins.

Use the “Winning Scratch Off Lottery Strategy” & Watch Your Life Change

There you have it. That’s how to win lottery scratch offs; it’s all about mathematics and following a simple plan.

As you can see a lotto scratch game is the best lottery to play for immediate wins compared to the higher stake games. However, if you want to go large and have bigger wins you will need a strategy designed to beat the main lotto games like pick 6, pick , pick 3, mega millions etc., but you should be able to get good leverage from following the information on this page.

You now know how to win at scratch offs by playing smarter while playing less often.

The lotto strategies used to play the main draw are completely different than those used to win on scratch offs.

You can get the infographic outlines how to win on scratch offs.

Winning Lotto Strategies

It is true that to win a lottery jackpot you do need a certain amount of luck it is completely false to state that you can only win the lottery through luck. Sometimes we can give luck a little helping hand.

There are many different ways to increase your “luck” in the lottery and although most of these ways can never guarantee you a jackpot win they can guarantee you small to medium wins.

Sometimes multiple medium lotto wins are better than just one big win as outlined by the lotto strategies at


There are lottery players, many of whom use the systems outlined in this blog, who have become millionaires and multi-millionaires through multiple non-jackpot wins.

After all, I don’t know about you but I would rather have 10 wins of $250,000 or more than just 1 win of $1 million.


Playing as part of a syndicate is a smart way to hedge your bets.

lottery winnersSyndicates are usually composed of many players usually friends or work colleagues. However, as few as 2 players can be in a syndicate and as many as you like. The more people in your syndicate the more chances you will have to win.

Having multiple players playing their games together means you can buy more tickets. Just remember that this is a double-edged sword; more players means more tickets but it also means less winnings go to you when the profits are divided up.

Playing as part of a syndicate means you can also take advantage of lottery systems that involving wheeling as these systems require multiple ticket purchases.

However, systems such as wheeling give you a much, much better chance of winning big prizes!

Wheeling Systems

Lottery wheeling is one of the most popular and successful methods employed by lottery winners.

Wheeling systems essentially use mathematics and the law of probability to arrange more numbers than you can normally play with into multiple combinations that give you full coverage of all numbers. Simply put it just means you can choose more numbers than normal thus giving you more chances to pick the winners.

For example, in a pick 6 game, where you need to pick all 6 numbers correctly to win the jackpot, wheeling numbers would let you pick 7 numbers instead of 6 and wheel the combinations so you have all numbers drawn with each other on a ticket.

An extra number may not sound like a lot but it increases your odds of winning the jackpot from 14 million to 1 down to just half a million to 12 and all for just 28 tickets; that’s 28 bucks! Imagine how much you can reduce your odds by with 8 numbers or 9 or 10 …or…whatever amount you want!

Obviously the more numbers you wheel the more expensive it will be to play as you will need to buy more tickets. This is why it is often best to play in a syndicate.

Hot Numbers & Patterns

Most lottery companies offer a way to view past drawings online with a list of hot numbers that are drawn more often and will also show you wish numbers are drawn together most often.

Many successful lottery players study past lotto trends and pick only numbers that they consider to be “hot”. You shoudl also consider reviewing what to do when you do win on the lotto.

In the same vain these players will avoid cold numbers and obvious combinations that never win – such as all consecutive numbers such as 1,2,3,4,5,6 or all even numbers such as 4,6,8,10,12,14 or all odd numbers such as 1,3,5,7,9,11 etc.

Hybrid Systems

There are other systems that make the bridge between using hot numbers and lottery patterns and wheeling.

These systems can be very powerful as they combine 2 proven systems for improving your odds.

How to Beat The Lotto

Do you think that it could be true that there have been past lottery winners who won their prizes through more than simple luck?

All Out Luck

Most people believe that beating the lotto is all about luck. You probably think the same way but hopefully by then end of this post I will have offered you enough evidence to the contrary to have changed your mind.

lucky cloverAn average lottery has odds so bad that the average ticket and owner of that ticket have a better chance of dying than winning the jackpot!

With such bad odds of winning a top prize you would need to be incredibly lucky to pair all your numbers with all the numbered balls chosen in your selected draw.


Super Luck

“Okay So You Need to be Super Lucky”, you may well say, “tell me something I don;t already know!”

Well, it’s true to say that all jackpot winners are lucky it is not true to say that luck is the only reason that some of them won. There are some that claim luck had nothing to do with their success at all.

Beating the Lottery Odds

Ask yourself – is it is just a coincidence or stroke of unequalled luck when some folks beat out odds of billions and billions to 1 to win the lottery multiple times?

beat the oddsIf you reckon such wins could be due to more than simple good fortune or fate then you will be intrigued to learn that many of these past winners have openly spoken about the systems they used.

Though the nature of the lottery means that there are 2 groups of players – winners and losers. It is true that most entrants need to lose just so a very small group of people can win, but there are things you can do to insure you are not in that larger group.

There genuinely are shrewd based tactics that have been developed to control your odds of winning by manipulating exact mathematical laws of the world.

Random Picks Rarely Win

When folks choose arbitrary numbers for their lottery entry in an attempt to match winning numbers in the draw it is like attempting to find gold dust on the beach. Of course there are players that could have, what I will generally name, a “formula” like selecting birthdays, meaningful dates or numbers that are meaningful to them but they don’t have a solid algorithmic formula that they pursue.

All lottery picks that are picked in any way that is not centred on a mathematical method is an indiscriminate pick and has an extremely low chance of being a winner. That is is the simple truth of the draw. It is designed to be that way.


For illustration let us look at the UK National Lottery draw. To enter this lotto you must choose 6 numbers from a potential 49. To win the jackpot prize you need to match your 6 numbers to the 6 numbers picked by the lottery machine.

The chances of this actually happening to you are mind-blowing fourteen million to one.

You have a better chance of being struck by a bolt of lightning than winning the top prize on the British National Lottery with a normal indiscriminately chosen set of numbers!

Picking your lottery numbers the normal way is highly unlikely to land you wealth and riches.

Unless you were blessed with amazing luck or you suddenly get an infusion of unbelievable life-changing good fortune just before the draw you’ll not win any significant prize with a everyday lotto selection!

How to Win the Lottery

What you need to do to give yourself a better chance in the lotto is to use a system that is designed to manipulate possibilities.

How The Multiple Lottery Winners Do It

It may be true that there have been quite a few lotto winners who won their prizes through pure luck. However, there are also a good amount of winners who never relied on luck at all. What about those winners who are “lucky” enough to hit the jackpot more than once, do you think their good fortune is purely down to luck?

If you are wise enough to realise that something more than mere luck is playing a part in such success stories then you will want to read the remainder of this article.


Lotto Designs

The lottery is designed so that most people lose. In order to create big winners the odds must be heavily stacked against players. It is only the huge number of players that guarantee someone wins. However the odds of winning are so low that sometimes you can go weeks without a winner but you can change all that.

Using mathematics and a solid scientific approach it is possible to greatly increase your chances of having a winning lottery ticket.

If you are like other people and rely on a random pick to win the lottery you are stacking the odds against on in a monumentus way. Don’t make Fred’s mistake.

Many people play the lottery in a superstitious way believing falsely that they are following some sort of system – such as picking numbers that they feel are lucky or basing their numbers of certain dates. Statistically and mathematically speaking these systems have the same chance of winning as a randomly chosen set of numbers.

Any lottery ticket with numbers that have been chosen in any other way that is not based on a mathematical probability system is doomed to lose unless you are one of the luckiest people on the planet!

Bad Odds

For example in the UK National Lottery draw you must pick 6 winning numbers from a potential of 49. This means there are 49 numbers to choose from and you get to pick 6 and they must all be drawn for you to win the jackpot prize.

You have a fourteen million to one chance of winning the jackpot in this lottery.

These odds are so low that you have a better chance of dying than winning the jackpot.

Picking your lottery tickets the standard way is extremely unlikely to bring you wealth and riches. Just buying random lottery tickets will get you nowhere unless you are an extremely lucky person!

Fred’s Big Mistake

It is difficult to believe that the taciturn and soft spoken Fred Smith, the town’s vocational school algebra instructor would be a famous individual. I did not even imagine that Fred could become a wealthy man. But he did become both and in the process Fred was also kidnapped. I think I’m jumping the gun here.

Let me relate this from the very beginning. It has been over twenty years now since my buddy Fred bet on the lottery draw.


Through all these years he has never won anything in the lottery draws. Let me say that Fred has not won one cent over a hundred dollars. Fred scored forty dollars two times in a dozen year stretch and another eighty five dollars several years later. But then a few years ago, Fred began his unbelievable winning run. You could not imagine this but since then, Fred went on a surprising winning run.

We failed to know then but Fred, in the long years of engaging in the lottery was devotedly undertaking scientific study. Fred knew that he had to discover the code of the algorithms used for the lottery. The $100 worth of tickets Fred would get every week was in fact capital for research. Through the years of engaging in the lottery, Fred has expended a considerable amount of money but that investment he has recouped.

Fred Smith is now the acknowledged lottery software king. Fred has managed to get over five and a half million dollars in winnings these past few years. Fred has also helped seventy eight other lottery prize winners with the help of his lottery software and more than a few of those were multiple winners.

Fred revealed that his lottery software has been the cause for total winnings of eighteen million dollars presently and is growing every week.

Fred has his own website where he presents his lottery computer program to the general public. Many users have already given positive endorsements on this amazing lottery computer program. The lottery computer program has been available to the public for over two years now.

The lottery computer program is a best seller online and Fred hears the merry ring of cash registers. His lottery software is offered at $350 along with a money back guarantee. If after six months you are not happy with your lottery software, just return it and Fred will give you a $100 cash gift. . Now that is one good deal.

Now, this I have to add. Fred was kidnapped three months ago from his newly built mansion on the outskirts of town. The kidnappers were members of a frenzied, religious cult who abhorred money and thought it caused all the evil in this world. Fred was stayed a prisoner for three days in a wooden shack up in the mountains after he was kidnapped from his home.

The kidnappers demanded that Fred cease from selling his lottery software because it was a tool of evil. Well, they did free Fred only after he promised that he would stop. But then, when the kidnappers were caught last month, Fred began to offer his lottery computer program again. Three individuals hit over a million dollars in the past three weeks alone.

The £35 Million Lottery Curse

In 2007 Scottish born Angela Kelly, a Royal Postal worker, celebrated Britain’s largest ever lottery win. Single mother of 2 Angela thought the money would be a god-send and a blessing but within just 2 months was claiming it was a curse that had ruined her life.

2 months after claiming the 35.4 million pounds (approximately $53.5 million) Ms. Kelly was still living in her small flat in East Kilbride.


With odds of 76,000,000 to 1 against winning the jackpot on the Euro Millions draw it was no surprise that she was in disbelief when she checked her ticket. Not all lottery wins are as as benevolent such as this one.

Surprise Surprise

The prize was so big that Angela could not bring herself to belief that she had actually won when she checked her ticket in work.

So, she asked her work colleagues in the Post Office to check it again for her.

The only luxury Angela allowed herself was a trip to the hairdressers.

Although for many people a monetary prize that immediately made you richer than the heir to the English throne, Prince William, for Angela it was a nightmare.

Instead of celebrating her huge success with extravagance and luxuries she moved to a small apartment in a “less than desirable” area of her town that is seen as being deprived so she could hide.

She also gained 12lbs in weight and split from her romantic partner.

The Moment of Truth

Once she realised she had won Angela could hardly breath and had to put her head between her knees.

She said she was shaking so much that she could not write her name on the back of the ticket as advised by the lottery representative she was passed to when she phoned to make her claim.

Soon after that phone call her fourteen year old son John telephoned her to hear the words “I’ve had a wee win on the lottery.” What an understatement.

Soon afterwards the National Lottery company, Camelot, had arrived at her place of work to drive her to a secret location while she awaited her cheque presentation ceremony. The secret location turned out to be the expensive Airth Castle hotel in Stirlingshire.

The Magnificent Seven

Camelot have a team of seven people who help big ticket winners to adjust to their new circumstances.

However after being taken to designer stores and expensive shops Angela found the entire experience daunting and unfamiliar enough for her to dislike it.

Although Dot Renshaw, one of Camelot’s magnificent seven, could not entice Angela with expensive goods and toys she did successfully convince her to deposit her £35 million cheque into a private bank and seek expert advice from top Financial Advisers.

In the UK and Europe there is no tax paid on winnings and the entire sum is deposited to the winner in one bulk sum.

So the interest on Angela’s bank account is £21,000 per week (approximately $31,750) – the same yearly salary she was used to in her job at the Post Office.

Angela has since settled into her new life well but still hankers after her days as a “£3 burger and pint girl”.

Beating Billions to 1

With average odds of 14 million to 1 on a pick 6 lottery and odds of 175,223,510 to 1 against winning a powerball jackpot it is no wonder eyebrows were raised when an Arizona couple won a million-dollar lottery jackpot twice.

Diane Carmichael and Kerry Carmichael were delighted when they won two and a half million dollars in the Arizona State Lottery back in 1995. But this was not to be the end of this Tempe couple’s luck. The odds of winning a lottery jackpot twice in 20 years are billions to 1 against. So such luck is much more than a once-in-a-lifetime event.


Is it All About Luck?

However, the Carmichael’s claim that it was not luck but pure persistent effort and following their own plan that brought the double win.

Just recently in 2013 Kerry and Diane won another $1,000,000 in Arizona. Beats working at MacDonald’s!

They Believed They Would Win

Kerry Carmichael, 64, stated that winning twice was down to luck but was due to their belief. She told reporters, “when we first won, it wasn’t, if we were going to win again, it was when”.

It seems that within the last two years the Carmichaels began feeling that another win was imminent.

In an attempt to ensure their belief manifested into reality they began spending on average $10,000 per year on lotto tickets. Although this sounds like a large amount of money you must remember that they had already won 2.5 million.

Diane Carmichael, 63, claims that it is persistence that helped them win twice.

The System

They follow a few rituals for picking their tickets and although they have a method they refused to divulge exactly how it worked.

They did say that they always buy their tickets from the same place in Phoenix.

Even after their double lotto wins the husband and wife team still live a fairly modest life with no big expenditures. They still drive cars that are over ten years old and do not even own a wide screen television set.

They plan to continue playing as Dianne believes there is still another win waiting for them.

I Won The Lottery but Want My Job Back at McDonald’s

July 2006 was an amazing month for young Luke Prittard and his fiancée Emma Cox. Both 23 year old Luke and 28 year old Emma won a staggering 1 and a half million pounds in the UK National Lottery.

how-to-win-the-lottery_Richard-LustigReluctant Millionaires

Unfazed by their new millionaire status Luke and Emma intended to keep their jobs at McDonalds but were soon hounded by the Press for continuing to work at, what many considered, such a low level job. Not exactly the dream life most people believe a lottery win would bring.

So after a lot of criticism the pair quit their full time server jobs at the McDonald’s outlet in Pontprennau in Wales.

Initially Emma was excited when the first three numbers on her ticket were drawn while she wasted the lottery live in television. She recalls “I saw the first three numbers and I thought, we’ve won a tenner,” referring to a match 3 guaranteed prize of £10. She continued, “then the next three came up. I was looking at the ticket thinking, no, it’s not real.”


Emma told how, on the day she had bought the lottery ticket, and returned to work she had noticed a “money spider” on crawling on her hand and suggested to her work colleague that she was going to win the lottery that night, “obviously believing it would never happen”, she said.

Enjoying the Winnings

Soon after winning their lottery prize the couple purchased a modern £230,000 home for themselves and their young daughter Chloe. Then they went on holiday to the Canary Islands fully intending to return to work in McDonald’s when they got home.

Pressured to Ditch the Job

Due to pressure from outside sources Emma and Luke felt compelled to leave the jobs they loved and settle down to enjoy life as lottery millionaires.

However, it took only 21 days before boredom kicked in and Luke wanted to do more with his life. “To be honest, there’s only so much relaxing you can do. I’m only young and a bit of hard work never did anyone any harm”, he stated.

Savvy Investors

Just because Luke wanted to return to McDonald’s doesn’t mean he is stupid or lacks business sense.

At the moment Emma and Luke earn more every month in interest from their properly saved winnings than Luke could ever hope to bring home from a fast-food job. He returned because he enjoys it.

Although Luke returned to work his partner Emma decided to stay at home and look after their daughter. “I totally understand it,” Emma told reporters. “We both really enjoyed working at McDonald’s and still have good friends there.”

Luke also commented that McDonald’s means more to the couple than most as that is where they first met and eventually became an item.

Did I really Win the Lottery or Just Dream It?

There are lots of people who have little rituals they use to pick their lottery numbers. Many people use significant dates top help them choose their entry lines. Others look for signs in the registration numbers of passing cars. There are even those who see recurring numbers in their life and believe they are being shown the lottery numbers by a “Higher Power”.

Then there are people who believe they dream the future often and that when they are shown lottery numbers in those dreams that they should play them.

It is a fact that there Are a lot of lotto winners who have made claims that they dreamt their winning numbers.


Sometimes these sleepy winners had their wins immediately after their prophetic dreams while other times they had to continue playing the same numbers over time before their dreams spookily became manifest as reality.

mary_wollensSo it was not that surprising for Mary Wollens when, at 86, she won big on the Ontario Lottery only a few days after dreaming she had the winning tickets and a huge cheque. Back in 2006 there were few people luckier, or perhaps more psychic, than Mary.

You see Mary did not just benefit from a single lottery win. Her amazing dream allowed her to take 2 top lottery prizes!

Mary had already purchased a lottery ticket before she had her dream. What’s more she had already played the same numbers that she dreamt about. However, her dream felt so real and had such urgency about it that Mary felt compelled to take action.

So, not realising she had already entered the numbers Mary followed her instinct and bought another ticket using exactly the same combination.

Duplicate Entries

This duplicate entry meant Mary won the lottery twice. There are ways to ensure you can experience this type of luck especially when playing scratch off tickets even though the odds are astronomically stacked against you.

Normally this would mean nothing as anyone buying 2 identical lottery tickets would only be sharing the jackpot prize with themselves. But on this occasion Mary was not the only jackpot winner.

That week there was another Ontario Lottery jackpot winner with whom Mary had to share the prize money. However, as Mary had 2 identical tickets and the other winner only had 1 Mary got a bigger share of the prize. So after the prize was split 3 ways Mary got two-thirds of the jackpot.

With a jackpot prize of $24 million dollars on that week’s draw this happy mistake let Mary grab a $16 million share of the jackpot.