What are Your Chances of Winning the Lottery – Really?

This is not the case for "smart" players
It seems this is not the case for all players
(as outlined below)
We are told that winning a lottery like mega millions requires a lucky gambler to beat out odds of 175 million to 1.

These are harsh odds.

Even in a standard 6/49 draw, such as the Canadian Lottery or UK National Lottery, you need to beat odds of approximately 14 million to 1 in order to land the big prize.

It is no wonder you have a “better” chance of being dead on draw day than actually winning the jackpot. But what if there was a guaranteed way of winning?

“If the lottery odds really are so low then how can we account for the following information.”

Are we to believe these cases are mere coincidence?

Do you believe they are coincidence?

I sincerely doubt it!

I think perhaps there is something we aren’t being told by the mainstream media and lottery companies regarding the inner mathematical workings of the lottery and how it really works.

Improve your chances

So What is the Chance of Winning the Lottery?

struck_by_lightningThe chances of winning lottery prizes when you play “in the normal way” are depressingly low.

So low in fact that if you buy your Saturday draw ticket on a Monday you have a higher chance of being struck by lightning before Saturday ever comes than you do of actually winning the jackpot.

Sad but true.

But this “truth” only applies to those of you who buy your tickets the same way that 99% of other lotto players do. Buying a ticket in the usual manner means that your chance of winning the lottery is about as high as your chances are of dating an “A” list Hollywood celebrity or pop star – it just ain’t gonna happen.

What’s more, simply buying more tickets does not increase your lottery chances by any significant amount either.

You could buy ten thousand tickets and only marginally increase your likelihood of landing the Big One.

You see most “normal” strategies will increase your odds by a few decimal points only. If you’re lucky you may accidentally reduce your odds from 175 million to 1 down to 174 million to 1.

So, with odds as poor as this it strains credibility when we are told that cases like those mentioned above are purely down to luck.

Anyone with any sense at all will know that something else is going here. Something that no-one is reporting on.

So, if luck wasn’t the main driving force behind these amazing wins what was? How on did the above mentioned winners actually do it?

Learn How to Increase the Chances of Winning the Lottery
Personally I have always been interested in playing the lottery more for entertainment than in the belief that I could really win it.

lottery_excitementThe small buzz you get from checking each number on your ticket as the draw takes place is pleasant and gives a short distraction from life’s problems.

Personally I have always felt that the mounting excitement I experience when I match the first 1 or 2 numbers, is well worth the ticket price alone.

After all can you put a price on hope?

Is it not worth a dollar or two?

However, when I first learned that it was possible to greatly improve the chances of winning the lottery and actually more or less guarantee a profit from playing it simply by using the correct mathematical sequences I got really excited.

Although I initially believed it would be difficult to learn the complicated mathematics needed to win the lottery I took the plunge and purchased a lottery book that promised to make the whole thing easy and worth it.

How to Increase your Chances of Winning the Lottery

There is only really one proven way to increase your odds in the lottery and that is by number wheeling.

When you wheel numbers in a lotto game you get to cover more “bets” so to speak.

Essentially wheeling allows you to pick more numbers than you normally would on any given draw.

A typical lottery wheel with only 7 numbers. Average cost would be $28 in tickets.
A typical lottery wheel with only 7 numbers. Average cost would be $28 in tickets.

For example, in a 6/49 game, where you must match 6 numbers from a selection of 49, you normally only get to choose 6 numbers to put on your ticket.

But when using a wheeling system you can pick more than 6 numbers and ensure all your numbers turn up together on at least 1 ticket.

Basically you are covering every potential line of numbers that could be produced from your own number selection.

What is Wheeling

To explain this in a way that will be easier to understand I would like you to simply start by imagining you decided to pick 7 numbers instead of the standard 6.

If you could put all 7 numbers on a ticket you would reduce your odds from approximately 14 million against a jackpot win down to only a half a million against a jackpot win – all by just using 1 extra number.

Although half a million to 1 still sounds like awful odds (which it is) it is still much better than 14 million to 1.

However, the true power of wheeling lies not so much in increasing your odds of winning the jackpot but in increasing your odds of winning the smaller prizes (and lots of them). I will address this a little later in this post.

Of course you cannot put 7 numbers on a ticket in a 6 from 49 draw. But, you can “wheel” those 7 numbers and this essentially does the same thing.

When you wheel 7 numbers you cover all possible combinations of those 7 numbers; thus reducing your odds from approximately 14 million against you down to only a half a million to 1. The only drawback is that there are 27 possible combinations so you would need to purchase 27 tickets.

When you wheel more numbers the amount of possible combinations increases and therefore so does the number of tickets you need to purchase but the odds of you winning are increased tremendously.

It is actually possible to wheel all possible combinations and thus guarantee you win the jackpot but this would require the purchase of approximately 14 million lotto tickets.

It does show though that it is possible to give yourself a fighting chance in the lottery.

Increasing Multiple Wins
The thing that is most exciting about wheeling numbers is not the increased odds of winning the jackpot but the dramatically increased odds of winning smaller prizes.

lottery_systemWhen you wheel numbers in the lotto you give yourself a truly unfair advantage over other players when it comes to the smaller prizes.

Depending on the amount of numbers you wheel you can almost guarantee yourself multiple medium and small prize wins.

You can always stay in profit from your lottery plays and many professional lotto players make a nice living from doing just this.

So if you use a bona fide wheeling system what are your chances of winning the lottery?

Well, as you have seen by only wheeling 1 extra number in a 6 from 49 draw you can reduce the odds against you down by a huge 13 and a half million!

When you start to wheel more numbers you almost guarantee yourself some juicy returns on your investment.

Wheeling Your Way to a Win
So, when wheeling numbers, the aim of the game is not a jackpot win (though many “wheelers” have achieved just that) but is to win multiple smaller prizes.

lottery_systemThink of it this way: would you rather have 1 big prize that you may have to share with other winners or would you rather have a system that wins multiple small and medium prizes on a consistent basis?

If you can keep winning multiple medium and small prizes then it wouldn’t take long to win more than the jackpot winners who won only once.

Honestly, if you want to win the lottery then wheeling is the way to go. So be sure to try out a simple wheeling system for yourself, especially if you play as part of a syndicate as the increase in ticket purchases required will not impact on you personally.

What are the chances of winning the lottery if you don’t use such a system? Next to zero!