Curse of the Lottery Winners

Some people win big and lose it Make sure you aren’t one of them! Use some sound financial planning to ensure you keep your money.

Winning the lottery may seem like a dream come true for you but for some people it was more like living a nightmare.

Take a look at how some people rode their luck too long and, after winning big in the lotto, lost it all icon_sad_smiley.

Below are 5 stories of lottery winners who blew it!


The Winners Who Lost it All

Here are some stories that are typical of people who fail to adequately prepare for their future after they win big on the lotto.

Luke Pittard

Welsh born UK resident Luck was lucky enough to land a £1.3 million (approx. $2.6 million at today’s rates) lottery win back in 2006. However, although this may sound like a lot of money it wasn’t enough for Luke.

After buying an extravagant wedding with a trip to the Canary Islands and a house for himself and his new bride Luke did not have enough money to live on and was forced to seek employment at his local MacDonald’s.

Willie Hurt

Back in 1989 Willie had a $3.1 million win on the Michigan Lottery.

Unfortunately Willie developed a drug abuse problem and after only 2 years was divorced from his wife, flat bloke, without custody of his kids and facing a charge of attempted murder.

Evelyn Adams

Believe it or not Evelyn was lucky enough to win the New Jersey Lottery not once but twice. Yet, she still managed to blew a cool $5.4 million – her entire winnings gambling in Atlantic City.

She is currently completely broke and lives in the only accommodation she can afford – a cheap trailer park.

Michael Carroll

teen-lotto-winner-faces-bankruptcyBack in 2002 at the tender age of just 19 Michael won £9.7 million (approx. $15.4 million at today’s rates) on the UK National Lottery.

After an 8 year spending spree splashing out on drink, drugs, gambling and prostitutes Michael found himself claiming unemployment benefit and living off £56.25 (approx. $89) per week.

Billy Bob Harrell Jr.

Even a whopping $31 million isn’t enough for some people to be happy.

Billy Bob was a Pentecostal preacher who also worked as a stock boy for Home Depot when he landed his massive fortune.

Even after buying 7 homes, one of which was a ranch, and owning several highly desirable cars Billy Bob could not keep his marriage together and eventually committed suicide.

Don’t Join Them

If you do win the lottery be sure not to become another crushed lottery statistic.

Remember that the majority of lottery winners do not blow all their money. They keep it and live happily ever after (at least financially).

10 thoughts on “Curse of the Lottery Winners”

  1. Pingback: Joey
    1. Glad to hear that your friend didn’t lose all his money Joey. Many people make the same mistake of burning through their new cash and don’t realise what the consequences will be until it’s too late.

  2. The lottery CAN be won deliberately. And you can live very happily after winning it. You don’t have to be “cursed”.

    Let’s take a case in point: Richard Lustig! He has won 7 times and isn’t a made-up person. he has been on TV many times.

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  4. Pingback: Crissy Jane
  5. Fantastic goods from you, man. I understand the pain of lottery winners who lost it all. I never won a big one but after blowing roughly $50,000 winnings on garbage and being left with a credit card bill of $10,000 I know how easy it would be to win really big and not only lose the lot but be left off worse than before you started.

    You see banks and credit card companies give you big credit faculties so when you blow throw the money you still have a large amount of credit to burn through as well but no way of paying it off.

    I was lucky I stopped just short of $10,000 but I had almost $40,000 worth of credit. If you do win…be careful!

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  7. Thank you, I have recently been looking for info on this subject for ages and yours is the best I have came upon till now. But, what is concerning me is the conclusion you come to about this “curse”? Are you positive that ALL lottery winners are cursed?

    1. Hi Birch,

      Thanks for commenting.

      I don’t think that all lottery winners are cursed. In fact most lottery winners live happily ever after (at least financially). This post is just for information and entertainment purposes. If you do win the lottery seek sound financial advice and put into place a good financial plan. It is people who get overwhelmed with the money and have no long-term financial plan in place that end up losing everything.

  8. Why do so many people fall apart when they win big amounts of money. I believe we should all be taught about money issues and how to deal with finances in school when we are young.

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