Did I really Win the Lottery or Just Dream It?

There are lots of people who have little rituals they use to pick their lottery numbers. Many people use significant dates top help them choose their entry lines. Others look for signs in the registration numbers of passing cars. There are even those who see recurring numbers in their life and believe they are being shown the lottery numbers by a “Higher Power”.

Then there are people who believe they dream the future often and that when they are shown lottery numbers in those dreams that they should play them.

It is a fact that there Are a lot of lotto winners who have made claims that they dreamt their winning numbers.


Sometimes these sleepy winners had their wins immediately after their prophetic dreams while other times they had to continue playing the same numbers over time before their dreams spookily became manifest as reality.

mary_wollensSo it was not that surprising for Mary Wollens when, at 86, she won big on the Ontario Lottery only a few days after dreaming she had the winning tickets and a huge cheque. Back in 2006 there were few people luckier, or perhaps more psychic, than Mary.

You see Mary did not just benefit from a single lottery win. Her amazing dream allowed her to take 2 top lottery prizes!

Mary had already purchased a lottery ticket before she had her dream. What’s more she had already played the same numbers that she dreamt about. However, her dream felt so real and had such urgency about it that Mary felt compelled to take action.

So, not realising she had already entered the numbers Mary followed her instinct and bought another ticket using exactly the same combination.

Duplicate Entries

This duplicate entry meant Mary won the lottery twice. There are ways to ensure you can experience this type of luck especially when playing scratch off tickets even though the odds are astronomically stacked against you.

Normally this would mean nothing as anyone buying 2 identical lottery tickets would only be sharing the jackpot prize with themselves. But on this occasion Mary was not the only jackpot winner.

That week there was another Ontario Lottery jackpot winner with whom Mary had to share the prize money. However, as Mary had 2 identical tickets and the other winner only had 1 Mary got a bigger share of the prize. So after the prize was split 3 ways Mary got two-thirds of the jackpot.

With a jackpot prize of $24 million dollars on that week’s draw this happy mistake let Mary grab a $16 million share of the jackpot.