Fred’s Big Mistake

It is difficult to believe that the taciturn and soft spoken Fred Smith, the town’s vocational school algebra instructor would be a famous individual. I did not even imagine that Fred could become a wealthy man. But he did become both and in the process Fred was also kidnapped. I think I’m jumping the gun here.

Let me relate this from the very beginning. It has been over twenty years now since my buddy Fred bet on the lottery draw.


Through all these years he has never won anything in the lottery draws. Let me say that Fred has not won one cent over a hundred dollars. Fred scored forty dollars two times in a dozen year stretch and another eighty five dollars several years later. But then a few years ago, Fred began his unbelievable winning run. You could not imagine this but since then, Fred went on a surprising winning run.

We failed to know then but Fred, in the long years of engaging in the lottery was devotedly undertaking scientific study. Fred knew that he had to discover the code of the algorithms used for the lottery. The $100 worth of tickets Fred would get every week was in fact capital for research. Through the years of engaging in the lottery, Fred has expended a considerable amount of money but that investment he has recouped.

Fred Smith is now the acknowledged lottery software king. Fred has managed to get over five and a half million dollars in winnings these past few years. Fred has also helped seventy eight other lottery prize winners with the help of his lottery software and more than a few of those were multiple winners.

Fred revealed that his lottery software has been the cause for total winnings of eighteen million dollars presently and is growing every week.

Fred has his own website where he presents his lottery computer program to the general public. Many users have already given positive endorsements on this amazing lottery computer program. The lottery computer program has been available to the public for over two years now.

The lottery computer program is a best seller online and Fred hears the merry ring of cash registers. His lottery software is offered at $350 along with a money back guarantee. If after six months you are not happy with your lottery software, just return it and Fred will give you a $100 cash gift. . Now that is one good deal.

Now, this I have to add. Fred was kidnapped three months ago from his newly built mansion on the outskirts of town. The kidnappers were members of a frenzied, religious cult who abhorred money and thought it caused all the evil in this world. Fred was stayed a prisoner for three days in a wooden shack up in the mountains after he was kidnapped from his home.

The kidnappers demanded that Fred cease from selling his lottery software because it was a tool of evil. Well, they did free Fred only after he promised that he would stop. But then, when the kidnappers were caught last month, Fred began to offer his lottery computer program again. Three individuals hit over a million dollars in the past three weeks alone.