How to Beat The Lotto

Do you think that it could be true that there have been past lottery winners who won their prizes through more than simple luck?

All Out Luck

Most people believe that beating the lotto is all about luck. You probably think the same way but hopefully by then end of this post I will have offered you enough evidence to the contrary to have changed your mind.

lucky cloverAn average lottery has odds so bad that the average ticket and owner of that ticket have a better chance of dying than winning the jackpot!

With such bad odds of winning a top prize you would need to be incredibly lucky to pair all your numbers with all the numbered balls chosen in your selected draw.


Super Luck

“Okay So You Need to be Super Lucky”, you may well say, “tell me something I don;t already know!”

Well, it’s true to say that all jackpot winners are lucky it is not true to say that luck is the only reason that some of them won. There are some that claim luck had nothing to do with their success at all.

Beating the Lottery Odds

Ask yourself – is it is just a coincidence or stroke of unequalled luck when some folks beat out odds of billions and billions to 1 to win the lottery multiple times?

beat the oddsIf you reckon such wins could be due to more than simple good fortune or fate then you will be intrigued to learn that many of these past winners have openly spoken about the systems they used.

Though the nature of the lottery means that there are 2 groups of players – winners and losers. It is true that most entrants need to lose just so a very small group of people can win, but there are things you can do to insure you are not in that larger group.

There genuinely are shrewd based tactics that have been developed to control your odds of winning by manipulating exact mathematical laws of the world.

Random Picks Rarely Win

When folks choose arbitrary numbers for their lottery entry in an attempt to match winning numbers in the draw it is like attempting to find gold dust on the beach. Of course there are players that could have, what I will generally name, a “formula” like selecting birthdays, meaningful dates or numbers that are meaningful to them but they don’t have a solid algorithmic formula that they pursue.

All lottery picks that are picked in any way that is not centred on a mathematical method is an indiscriminate pick and has an extremely low chance of being a winner. That is is the simple truth of the draw. It is designed to be that way.


For illustration let us look at the UK National Lottery draw. To enter this lotto you must choose 6 numbers from a potential 49. To win the jackpot prize you need to match your 6 numbers to the 6 numbers picked by the lottery machine.

The chances of this actually happening to you are mind-blowing fourteen million to one.

You have a better chance of being struck by a bolt of lightning than winning the top prize on the British National Lottery with a normal indiscriminately chosen set of numbers!

Picking your lottery numbers the normal way is highly unlikely to land you wealth and riches.

Unless you were blessed with amazing luck or you suddenly get an infusion of unbelievable life-changing good fortune just before the draw you’ll not win any significant prize with a everyday lotto selection!

How to Win the Lottery

What you need to do to give yourself a better chance in the lotto is to use a system that is designed to manipulate possibilities.