Jeffrey Dampier Murdered by Sister-In-Law

He grew up poor and lacking in all of life’s luxuries. So, in 1996 Jeffrey Dampier thought his luck had changed when he landed a massive $20,000,000 jackpot win in the Illinois Lottery, beating out odds of millions to 1. Unfortunately, his luck was about to run out and his massive winnings were about to be the death of him!


Although some lotto players know how to play the odds and consistently win huge prizes in the game Jeffrey Dampier’s win was all about luck.

Jeffrey Dampier

He had grown up poor and underprivileged so his win was more than life-changing. It was a miracle.

With his winnings Mr. Dampier and his loving wife Crystal set up a popcorn company in Tampa, Florida and moved his family to be close to him.

His company flourished and became very successful so it looked as though this was a true American dream come true.

Jeffrey Dampier won $20 million
Jeff was known locally as a very generous man.

With his new found wealth and success he regularly splashed out on friends and family buying new cars, house and holidays. He was known to be extremely generous with his money becuase he knew himself what it was like to be very poor.

Not only did Jeffrey spend money on his own family he also showered his generosity on his wife Crystal’s family.

He bought Victoria Jackson, Crystal’s sister, and her boyfriend an apartment. However, Victoria’s greedy boyfriend Nathaniel, coincidentally also called Jackson, was not satisfied with that and his envy and jealously was to eventually lead to murder.

You Can Win Like Jeffrey Dampier (just be more careful when you do)
You Can Win Like Jeffrey Dampier (just be more careful when you do)

Tragic Ending

On a Tuesday night on 26th July 2005 a dark and sinister plot was born in the minds of the Jacksons. After Victoria called the good natured Jeff to their apartment Nathaniel jumped him and tied his hands with shoelaces.

Testimony given in court then reported that Jeff was hustled into the back of the Jackson’s van at gunpoint at which point Nathaniel Jackson pulled the trigger delivering a fatal gunshot wound to Jeff’s head.

Not All As It Seems

However, further investigation was to find that Jeff was actually having an affair with his wife’s sister and had been supporting her financially.

Victoria Jackson received a life-sentence for the murder of Jeff Dampier
What’s more there is evidence to suggest Victoria Jackson was being abused by both Jeff and her boyfriend Nathaniel.

Victoria has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder since 1998 when, as a teenager, she discovered the body of her father in her family home after he hung himself.

It is also alleged that Jeffrey Dampier had started an affair with Victoria when she was only 15. He also paid for her abortion when she became pregnant at 16 which would lend some weight to the allegations of an affair taking place.

On the night of the murder Victoria claims that her boyfriend Nathaniel had shouted repeatedly to “shoot him” which she did.

Although it was established at the trial that Victoria was being controlled by both men and felt compelled to obey Nathaniel due to his obsessive and strong control over her she was given a life-sentence for the murder of Dampier.

Nathaniel was found guilty of murder and given a life-sentence also.

They both remain incarcerated for the crime.

So even though he beat out billions to 1 to win big on the lottery he’s luck gave out in the end.

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