The £35 Million Lottery Curse

In 2007 Scottish born Angela Kelly, a Royal Postal worker, celebrated Britain’s largest ever lottery win. Single mother of 2 Angela thought the money would be a god-send and a blessing but within just 2 months was claiming it was a curse that had ruined her life.

2 months after claiming the 35.4 million pounds (approximately $53.5 million) Ms. Kelly was still living in her small flat in East Kilbride.


With odds of 76,000,000 to 1 against winning the jackpot on the Euro Millions draw it was no surprise that she was in disbelief when she checked her ticket. Not all lottery wins are as as benevolent such as this one.

Surprise Surprise

The prize was so big that Angela could not bring herself to belief that she had actually won when she checked her ticket in work.

So, she asked her work colleagues in the Post Office to check it again for her.

The only luxury Angela allowed herself was a trip to the hairdressers.

Although for many people a monetary prize that immediately made you richer than the heir to the English throne, Prince William, for Angela it was a nightmare.

Instead of celebrating her huge success with extravagance and luxuries she moved to a small apartment in a “less than desirable” area of her town that is seen as being deprived so she could hide.

She also gained 12lbs in weight and split from her romantic partner.

The Moment of Truth

Once she realised she had won Angela could hardly breath and had to put her head between her knees.

She said she was shaking so much that she could not write her name on the back of the ticket as advised by the lottery representative she was passed to when she phoned to make her claim.

Soon after that phone call her fourteen year old son John telephoned her to hear the words “I’ve had a wee win on the lottery.” What an understatement.

Soon afterwards the National Lottery company, Camelot, had arrived at her place of work to drive her to a secret location while she awaited her cheque presentation ceremony. The secret location turned out to be the expensive Airth Castle hotel in Stirlingshire.

The Magnificent Seven

Camelot have a team of seven people who help big ticket winners to adjust to their new circumstances.

However after being taken to designer stores and expensive shops Angela found the entire experience daunting and unfamiliar enough for her to dislike it.

Although Dot Renshaw, one of Camelot’s magnificent seven, could not entice Angela with expensive goods and toys she did successfully convince her to deposit her £35 million cheque into a private bank and seek expert advice from top Financial Advisers.

In the UK and Europe there is no tax paid on winnings and the entire sum is deposited to the winner in one bulk sum.

So the interest on Angela’s bank account is £21,000 per week (approximately $31,750) – the same yearly salary she was used to in her job at the Post Office.

Angela has since settled into her new life well but still hankers after her days as a “£3 burger and pint girl”.

I Won The Lottery but Want My Job Back at McDonald’s

July 2006 was an amazing month for young Luke Prittard and his fiancée Emma Cox. Both 23 year old Luke and 28 year old Emma won a staggering 1 and a half million pounds in the UK National Lottery.

how-to-win-the-lottery_Richard-LustigReluctant Millionaires

Unfazed by their new millionaire status Luke and Emma intended to keep their jobs at McDonalds but were soon hounded by the Press for continuing to work at, what many considered, such a low level job. Not exactly the dream life most people believe a lottery win would bring.

So after a lot of criticism the pair quit their full time server jobs at the McDonald’s outlet in Pontprennau in Wales.

Initially Emma was excited when the first three numbers on her ticket were drawn while she wasted the lottery live in television. She recalls “I saw the first three numbers and I thought, we’ve won a tenner,” referring to a match 3 guaranteed prize of £10. She continued, “then the next three came up. I was looking at the ticket thinking, no, it’s not real.”


Emma told how, on the day she had bought the lottery ticket, and returned to work she had noticed a “money spider” on crawling on her hand and suggested to her work colleague that she was going to win the lottery that night, “obviously believing it would never happen”, she said.

Enjoying the Winnings

Soon after winning their lottery prize the couple purchased a modern £230,000 home for themselves and their young daughter Chloe. Then they went on holiday to the Canary Islands fully intending to return to work in McDonald’s when they got home.

Pressured to Ditch the Job

Due to pressure from outside sources Emma and Luke felt compelled to leave the jobs they loved and settle down to enjoy life as lottery millionaires.

However, it took only 21 days before boredom kicked in and Luke wanted to do more with his life. “To be honest, there’s only so much relaxing you can do. I’m only young and a bit of hard work never did anyone any harm”, he stated.

Savvy Investors

Just because Luke wanted to return to McDonald’s doesn’t mean he is stupid or lacks business sense.

At the moment Emma and Luke earn more every month in interest from their properly saved winnings than Luke could ever hope to bring home from a fast-food job. He returned because he enjoys it.

Although Luke returned to work his partner Emma decided to stay at home and look after their daughter. “I totally understand it,” Emma told reporters. “We both really enjoyed working at McDonald’s and still have good friends there.”

Luke also commented that McDonald’s means more to the couple than most as that is where they first met and eventually became an item.