How to Win the Lottery & Change Your Life

Did you know that you can learn how to win the lottery using mathematics?

We have all heard horror stories about the curse of the lottery winners. Some people win a staggering amount of money that is truly life-changing yet within a a few short years they either have nothing left or are in more debt than they were before they won.


Win It & Keep It

However, you can be like the vast majority of other winners who have won big and kept their money.  With sound financial planning and a level head you can use your winnings to fund the rest of your life without ever having to worry about money again.

You can also learn how to win the powerball lotto and mega millions.

Of course before you can learn how to spend, save and invest your winnings you will need to learn how to win the lottery icon_big_smile.

But once you do have your winnings safely tucked away in your bank account you really need to learn how to keep them there.

Lottery balls

Financial Planning

The difference between lottery winners who keep their money, or even grow it, and those who lose it all really lies in their mental attitude. No matter how much money you have you must realise that it is not infinite. Your supply of cash will run out sooner or later unless you invest it wisely.


Investing your winnings is a good idea as long as you invest the money wisely. Giving ex-gambling addict Uncle Tom $2 million to start his orange tree orchid business in Alaska is perhaps not the most prudent of financial decisions. Although this is a striking and exaggerated example of a bad investment idea you would be surprised at how similar it is to some of the investments made by past lottery winners.

If investment is not something you want to delve into, as many lottery winners have lost their money through bad investments, then you should  at least budgeting your money so it last you through the coming years.

High Interest Banking

Depending on the amount you actually win you can live out your life in relative comfort without ever having to spend a dime.

lottery_winIn the USA and other countries there is already the option to take a payment plan. For people who have always struggled with their finances this is often the best course of action. Having a steady income stream means you are less likely to end up in serious debt with no money at all (as long as you don’t sell your right to the payment to a third party).

In the UK National Lottery, Euromillions and and other lotto draws take a payment plan is not an option. However, if the idea of having a yearly wage is more appealing than being overwhelmed by a huge amount of money that you could easily lose there are other options.

Placing your winnings into a high interest account and never touching that capitol can still allow you to have an extremely comfortable lifestyle just by living-off the interest!

You can still buy a new house, new car and other luxuries on repayment plans knowing that your initial winnings are still safe and untouched. Learning how to win the lottery is only the beginning you must also learn how to regulate your finances.

The only disadvantage to this approach is waiting for the first interest amount to accumulate. This may not take that long if you won several million on the lotto.

Financial Advice

Whatever amount you win or whatever you plan to do with your winnings it is always advisable to speak to a qualified financial adviser.

Do not pick your local agent who is used to dealing with normal financial matters such as missed mortgage payments or debt consolidation. Seek out a professional with experience dealing in the type of amounts of money that you have!

Such experienced financial adviser can really give you some great advice but remember the money is yours and no one will look after better than you.

I hope this advice is helpful and I hope if you do win the lottery (or have already) that you enjoy the winnings for the rest of your life.

I Won The Lottery but Want My Job Back at McDonald’s

July 2006 was an amazing month for young Luke Prittard and his fiancée Emma Cox. Both 23 year old Luke and 28 year old Emma won a staggering 1 and a half million pounds in the UK National Lottery.

how-to-win-the-lottery_Richard-LustigReluctant Millionaires

Unfazed by their new millionaire status Luke and Emma intended to keep their jobs at McDonalds but were soon hounded by the Press for continuing to work at, what many considered, such a low level job. Not exactly the dream life most people believe a lottery win would bring.

So after a lot of criticism the pair quit their full time server jobs at the McDonald’s outlet in Pontprennau in Wales.

Initially Emma was excited when the first three numbers on her ticket were drawn while she wasted the lottery live in television. She recalls “I saw the first three numbers and I thought, we’ve won a tenner,” referring to a match 3 guaranteed prize of £10. She continued, “then the next three came up. I was looking at the ticket thinking, no, it’s not real.”


Emma told how, on the day she had bought the lottery ticket, and returned to work she had noticed a “money spider” on crawling on her hand and suggested to her work colleague that she was going to win the lottery that night, “obviously believing it would never happen”, she said.

Enjoying the Winnings

Soon after winning their lottery prize the couple purchased a modern £230,000 home for themselves and their young daughter Chloe. Then they went on holiday to the Canary Islands fully intending to return to work in McDonald’s when they got home.

Pressured to Ditch the Job

Due to pressure from outside sources Emma and Luke felt compelled to leave the jobs they loved and settle down to enjoy life as lottery millionaires.

However, it took only 21 days before boredom kicked in and Luke wanted to do more with his life. “To be honest, there’s only so much relaxing you can do. I’m only young and a bit of hard work never did anyone any harm”, he stated.

Savvy Investors

Just because Luke wanted to return to McDonald’s doesn’t mean he is stupid or lacks business sense.

At the moment Emma and Luke earn more every month in interest from their properly saved winnings than Luke could ever hope to bring home from a fast-food job. He returned because he enjoys it.

Although Luke returned to work his partner Emma decided to stay at home and look after their daughter. “I totally understand it,” Emma told reporters. “We both really enjoyed working at McDonald’s and still have good friends there.”

Luke also commented that McDonald’s means more to the couple than most as that is where they first met and eventually became an item.